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All About Fandangles...

Fandangles is the crazy, fun festival stall that travels all over England to bring you copious amounts of bubbles, funky hair braids and wraps, bright and beautiful wool or synthetic dreads, wild air brush tattoo's, shiny glitter body art and all sorts of other lovely random bits and bobs :)!
Be entranced by Mrs Moon, the queen of bubbles, who performs amazing bubble tricks and blows fascinatingly gigantic bubbles!
Also, watch out for the rather spiffing Steampunk Victorian gentleman, Dr Moon, weaving in and out of the crowds on his marvellous penny farthing! 

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When Matt, Claire, Alice, Hanne, Vicky, Dave the dog and Lily the dog aren't whizzing around festivals, you can find them in the shop Ruby Moon, High Wycombe :)!

If you're a festival organiser and are interested in getting in touch with us about a stall or blowing bubbles and riding a penny farthing around your festival, you can contact us via:
email: info@rubymoon.co.uk
telephone: 01494 513005