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The birth of Ruby Moon...

Ruby Moon (and Daughter Ltd) is a small independant family business founded in 1998. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and friendly nature. Based in the top end of High Wycombe near the train station, we are Wycombe's best kept secret. The shop smells amazing, an aroma full of exotic incenses. It's a festival, a happy go lucky, wonderful eclectic mix of colour, sound and smell. Its definately NOT Eden, or any other clone shopping 'experience'.
Our unique selling point is that we are different, a bit edgy, alternative, an oasis of the unusual in a desert of mediocrity. We bring our dogs to work, we sell crystals, stones and dinosaur poo, drums and didgeridoos.
Our stock is fair traded and ethically sourced whenever possible. We have mad contact lenses, Alchemy Jewellery, and lots of fairies. We sell shisha molasses, and charcoal, hookahs and pipes. We have a range of over 250 incenses, more than 30 different rolling papers. Our clothing is fairtraded & colourful.
One of the last outposts of alternative culture in High Wycombe. Be part of it, come and find us...


Pics above: Claire and Matt, the parents of Ruby Moon, preparing for festival season! And, Ruby Moon itself :)!