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Sterling Silver Jewellery

Below is just a small selection of the vast range of reasonably priced Indian and Thai sterling silver jewellery that we stock in the shop, including necklaces; rings, bracelets/bangles, pendants, and earrings/studs.
Our jewellery turn over is rather quick and not all items may not be display in the shop.
Please call us on 01494 513005 or email us at info@rubymoon.co.uk if you would like to enquire whether a specific item is in stock! 

We personally work directly with the manufacturers in India and hand pick the best examples from their stock, ensuring that we only provide the finest examples of jewellery for you, and that our prices are extremely competitive.

Our Indian jewellery contains high quality stones from Jaipur, as well as a wide range of gems, which are of exceptional quality. The cut stones are especially attractive! 
Our Thai jewellery is 99.9% silver, making it much softer to wear on the skin. Each item is handmade, making every design unique and personal. The jewellery has been sourced, specifically picked and sent to us by a friend of Ruby's, all the way over from a small manufacturer in Thailand itself! Meaning, you'll be supporting a small local Thai business, fantastic :).

Similar products of lesser quality will cost you far more in shopping centres (*cough, eden, cough*),and the people we buy from are the people who own the companies that make them, so they're as ethically sourced as can be.

So, take the time to pop up and see the new stunning collection in Ruby Moon, High Wycombe.
We thank you :).