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Aromatherapy Oils > Essential Oils > GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL 10ml



Ginger Essential Oil is extracted from the dried root.

The pure essential oil has a lemony-pepper, Woody-spice smell and has warming, stimulating, astringent and antiseptic properties.

In aromatherapy, Ginger Essential Oil is good to boost the circulation, relieve a tight, chesty cough, stomach ache tight muscles, stiffness, or exhaustion.
The astringent and antiseptic actions make it effective to warm and freshen tired feet.

USES- Massage, baths, inhalation, poultice.
Inhale it from a tissue to clear the head and energise the body, and use at in poultices for, stiff muscles, stomach ache or a cough.
For bath and massage, it is particularly effective in cold weather because of its warming effect.

BLENDS WITH- Sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, cedarwood, coriander, rose, neroli, and orange.


CAUTION- Ginger Essential Oil is very potent so never apply it undiluted to skin and use it in moderation for both bath and massage.


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