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Aromatherapy Oils > Essential Oils > FENNEL ESSENTIAL OIL 10ml



Fennel Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of the ripe fruits of the plant. Its a sweet, spicy and lovely anise aroma.

PROPERTIES- Toning, cleansing, reduces cellulite, refreshing mouthwash.

USE- Traditionally, Fennel Essential oil has been used as an antiseptic, aphrodisiac, soothing agent, muscle relaxant, cellulite, bruising, obesity, sore gums, halitosis, nausea.

BLENDS WITH- Geranium, lavender, rose and sandalwood.

CAUTION- Always dilute Fennel Essential oil to 5% or less in a carrier oil. Avoid using during pregnancy or if you are epileptic. Dermal sensitizer
Do not use in instances of endometriosis, prostatic hyperplasia or eostrogen dependent cancers.


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