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A little bit of info about the Mother's Fragrance Range (aaaMFrange)


The Mother's Fragrance range is superb. It is highly recommended by everyone at Ruby Moon, and it's available in both sticks or cones!

The Mother's Fragrances Incense is made by hand in Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry), India. The Mother's Fragrances incense uses only natural ingredients, because incense is an art, originally dedicated to the Gods, so you have to give it your very best. The incense is made with essential oils, floral essences, herbs, wood powders and scented flowers. The natural ingredients create a light and pure incense that subtly scents and does not cloud the atmosphere.

At the basis of our India Fragrances is a resin called Mattipal. It gives the fragrances their full and sweet scent, and make the sticks soft to the touch. Full length sticks will burn for about 40 minutes (though we have found it can even be up to an hour!). Fantastic...

The Mother's Fragrances Incense is a Fair Trade product. It is made by a company that treats its employees very well indeed, and donates its profits to causes that further peace and prosperity. Nearly 400 people are employed by the company, most of them young women. Their wages are excellent, they are treated well, have decent working hours and good working conditions. They can also participate in a bicycle project, a savings scheme, and are all covered by medical insurance. Fair play we say!


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