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Body Jewellery

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ID: BJEWEL Body Jewellery

We sell a variety of body jewellery in all sorts of styles and materials, so much that it would take us forever and ever to upload all the shiny things onto the website!

Below we have provided an example of the jewellery we stock for your viewing pleasure, and to give you an idea of our range...


If you have any further enquires, please call the shop on 01494 513005 or email us at info@rubymoon.co.uk :)

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ID: ES Ear Stretchers/Tapers
  • Sizes 2mm - 30mm
  • Tapers, Tunnels, Plugs
  • Plastic
  • Silicone
  • Patterned/Designer
  • Titanium Steel
  • Orangic wood


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